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Associate/Senior Associate/Principal - Portfolio Company Strategy



Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Role:

We are looking to hire an Associate/Senior Associate/Principal - Portfolio Company Strategy to help define the value inflection path for our portfolio companies from idea to clinical proof of concept, integrating the scientific, clinical, and commercial elements required to develop the next blockbuster drug. In pharma, preclinical programs often get shut down due to their lack of integration and appreciation of those three key elements (scientific/clinical/commercial), leading discovery teams to design drugs that nobody needs. At Curie, our aim is not just to avoid these classic mistakes, but to use our knowledge of the clinical and commercial as a strategic advantage that will allow us to bring the next great blockbuster drug to market as efficiently as possible.

At Curie, we see thousands of exciting new therapeutic concepts every year across all therapeutic areas and modalities. In this role, you will have a front-row seat to the promising ideas that come our way, a truly unique ‘birdseye view’ of the drug discovery landscape. Day to day, you will work alongside the most senior members of our scientific team as well as the company founders to help define the most efficient path to the largest value inflection for the company.

Our ideal candidate is someone who can elegantly weave together the most critical elements of drug discovery, clinical development, and competitive intelligence to design the most effective path to creating the next blockbuster drug. To be excellent in this role you must be able to connect the dots between target selection, the downstream biology, the disease pathology, and the clinical endpoints you are trailing. The integration of all these pieces is what makes the puzzle of biotech so challenging. We are looking for someone excited about solving that puzzle across a wide variety of therapeutic areas and modalities.

The Responsibilities:

In this role you will be responsible for helping our core scientific team and company founders map out the most efficient path to develop the next blockbuster drug. This will require you to integrate a wide array of topics:

  • Deeply understand the drug embodiment approach being pursued by the company and understand ‘the why’ behind prior attempts and how those paths could be improved upon by reasoning from first principles (we don’t want a copy/paste of the clinical strategy from the last time someone developed a drug for this indication…)
  • Work alongside the biologists and medicinal chemists to understand the potentials, constraints, and implications of the target/drug embodiment being considered
  • Map out the clinical and commercial landscape by meeting with KOLs, reviewing pipeline activity/company presentations on clinical readouts, the latest scientific literature, sell-side analyst reports, databases (e.g. Global Data), etc
  • Define regulatory/clinical path by incorporating recent FDA reviews and clinical trial designs (inclusion/exclusion criteria, endpoint selection)
  • Integrate and synthesize all the information into potential future treatment paradigms

Our ideal candidate learned the business side to become a more effective applied scientist, not to hide behind PowerPoint slides that contain surface-level strategic recommendations with no practical operational considerations.

The Qualifications:

  • MD or PhD training
  • 2+ years of business exposure – MBA or consulting or strategic function in biotech/pharma or VC
  • Strong scientific background with an understanding of drug discovery and development
  • Clinical exposure or experience in an early-stage company is highly desirable.
  • You have a high degree of scientific curiosity and enjoy thinking about the interaction between science and business
  • Exceptional conceptual thinking and analytical problem-solving skills, with the ability to think strategically and identify creative solutions to complex challenges with no historical precedence.
  • A proven mindset of proactive continuous improvement; efficient independent worker with the ability to focus and drive for results
  • You have a "get it done" attitude and want to build something that lasts. Not only do you have the ability and the desire to architect the high-level strategy, you want to operationalize it and can dive deep into the details
  • Successful in dynamic environments, and working with cross-functional multidisciplinary teams
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented, with the ability to manage multiple projects and priorities simultaneously.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

The People:

In order for Curie.Bio to achieve its mission, we need the best people. Companies are nothing more than a group of people working together on a shared objective. Great companies are when those individuals come together to form something larger than the sum of its parts.

The Company:

Curie.Bio is a founder-focused seed-stage venture firm combined with an industry-grade therapeutics accelerator focused on one thing: helping entrepreneurial founders launch viable therapeutics companies. Curie.Bio does this by giving founders access to a team of the world’s best drug hunters and drug makers, seed capital, and best-of-breed services - everything a founder needs to get from concept to a compelling dataset that enables an awesome Series A financing. In a nutshell, we want founders in control of their own company and focused on their area of expertise and creativity, while we help make the rest happen smoothly.

As an early employee joining us on this mission, you will see first hand what it takes to successfully bring a company from concept at the seed stage to compelling wet-lab derived POC data with an industry-grade progressible drug (candidate) that enables a Series A financing. You will work alongside the world’s best drug hunters and industry veterans whose experience spans all facets of drug discovery and preclinical drug development - from disease biology to medicinal chemistry, to recruiting, to business development, and more.

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