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Senior Scientist



Oslo, Norway
Posted on Saturday, January 27, 2024


ARTBIO is seeking an enthusiastic and highly motivated Senior Scientist to join our Translational Biology team in Oslo. At ARTBIO, we couple our ability to generate 212Pb to novel chemical scaffolds which are developed to specifically bind to tumour targets with high affinity. This opportunity is for someone who is innovative, curious, resourceful and whose values are aligned with ARTBIO’s mission. You will be responsible for designing and executing key in vitro and in vivo studies, which support the pharmacological evaluation of emerging chemical matter. Prior experience in drug discovery, particularly in the area of radioligand therapy is desired. The individual must have technical experience with handling, dosing, and sampling from mice. Strong commitment and work ethic are essential.


- Manage, plan and execute in-vitro and in-vivo studies to enable development of ARTBIO novel radioligand candidates from early Discovery to IND-readiness according to the company’s strategy.

- Plan, Design and execution of PK/PD studies of prototype radioligands in vivo

- Design and execution of radiolabelling and analytical characterisation of radioligands, assessment of quality.

- Interface with project team and leadership to understand project goals and collaborate on how to best address them experimentally.

- Collaborate with external vendors and academic facilities for sourcing of reagents and execution of experimental activities.

- Provide mentorship and supervision to other ARTBIO translational biology team members so that experiments and projects are performed according to plan and internal ways of working.

- Support writing of regulatory documentation related to pre-clinical studies for RLT candidates selected for clinical development.

- Provide deep scientific expertise to guide selection of novel targets and RLT candidates: Develop and design research studies to address specific scientific questions.

- Develop innovative solutions to mitigate research challenges.

- Oversee data collection, analysis, interpretation, reporting and presentation.

Qualifications & Experience

- A Phd or equivalent degree in Molecular Biology, RLT, Radiation Biology , or other relevant discipline with a significant laboratory-based skills component; previous experience in preclinical development of radiopharmaceuticals is ideal

- At least 3 years working in research projects, particularly in drug discovery, cell culture, in vitro, and in vivo studies, and an approved FELASA/CAREiN course that authorizes you to work with laboratory mice in Norway.

- Preferred industry experience, preferably radioligand therapy or oncology.

- Good English speaking and writing skills.

- Experience with the development and execution of radioligand binding assays which characterise binding properties such as affinity and selectivity and particularly in cell based assays will be valued.

- Experience with working with open radioactive sources in the radioligand therapeutic space.

- Understanding of the principles of pharmacology and their application in a Drug Discovery setting

- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills and planning and organizational skills

- Proficiency in data analysis and data presentation. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

- Experience in report and manuscript writing and presentation.

- Ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a team and a proven track record of research contributions and publications in the field.